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Owls, June 16

Watch out for the trolls, Owls!

The Owls decided a hike would be better before games as we didn't want to tire ourselves out playing hard before exploring the trails at Edworthy. And despite all this rain we didn't find the waterfall but as always the Owls made the most of any situation and found a spot to play near the empty creek.

After lunch we wrote in each others handmade journals - a memory, a message, a drawing. These will be kept secret until next week at the last class. Our afternoon was full of games. The favourite being Red Rover. The Owls are a special class who are capable of playing rough games. They know and care for each other so well that we trust them to listen to everyone and play within their limits. What an amazing group of children to learn and play with all year - they will be a hard act to follow!

Connecting Questions

- What did you do when we stopped on the hike beside the stream?

- What new games do you remember playing?

- How did it feel to stand on the bridge watching the water?

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