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Owls, February 9

The biggest challenge of our day might have been...the challenge! We have been moving through a survivor theme, and after making our shelter, 'making' water, hunting food and navigating, we are trying to work our way out. We had to get everyone over a crevasse, without touching the void underneath...this was very eye-opening for us teachers, and a tough challenge for the Owls!

We noticed a few things; some of us like to make the plan, and some of us like to 'just do it'. We are thankful for both on our team! Some children were very invested in making sure everyone got across the crevasse, while others were fine with leaving someone to fend for themselves. We debriefed all of these ideas at the end, as well as gave 'shout-outs' to those who went above and beyond. In a real survivor situation, these dynamics would certainly arise, and we would all be tested! They reflected that if the stakes were higher, they would have tried harder (if someone was actually doing to die, or if there was pizza for lunch as a reward - these were rated at about 40/60 in terms of weight). So, now that we know their motivation, we're ready for the next challenge!

Homework: watch some rugby, especially videos that explain the game!

Connection Questions:

-what was your role during the crevasse activity?

-at the beginning of class, did you break ice or sled? Why?

-what skill in rugby do you think you're best at? what is your weakest, that you'll need to work on?

-are you more of a thinker, a doer, or both?

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