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Coyotes, June 8

As the phrase goes "when the cat's away the mice will play." This time it was certainly "when the Coyotes are away the Cottontails will play!"

It seemed like something was up when we arrived at the bluff as the Cottontails were hiding in the trees, spying on us. Luckily the enthusiasm of one of the Cottontails was so much he shared some secret plans made last week while the Coyotes were away canoeing. The question was could the Coyotes play along with the plan and give the younger kids the thrill of getting the better of the Coyotes in a trap?

It seems today the Coyotes were in a giving mood. The Coyote Plus kids were asked to build a house for the Chickadees arrival at their spot and did they deliver - wow! The Chickadees were delighted to find a house with a swing, grass beds, camp fire and a kitchen. The Coyotes were hiding in the grass nearby and the Chickadees were delighted to go find them and then have a snack in their new house.

Creating mini potato cannons tested the perseverance of the Coyotes but the end result was worth it. The potato cannons came home if you'd like a demonstration.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next class at 11:30, if you can make it.

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