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Chickadees, Oct 27

The Chickadees got to try a zipline today in class! Some were nervous to try but almost everyone went down once! It challenging to climb up the ladder, and transfer over the the zipline seat. Everyone one had a slightly different approach that they kept perfecting. We practiced waiting in line for a turn (which can be hard when its so much fun!), we found that the line took out the guessing of who was next and made the whole wait smoother! Ask your chickadee if they want over and over again or just tried it once or twice? Did they find it scary at first?

The chickadees broke into natural free time groups, some setting up rope traps, while other climbed and chatted at the fence. This class had a great flow to it as the chickadees seemed more comfortable forming their own play groups.

We also had fun decorating and carving pumpkins, using different tools and trying different techniques!

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