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Chickadees, Dec 15

Today was a day to be active and stay warm and everyone did great!

We sauntered up to our spot - sliding, drawing in the snow and enjoying rolling around in it. There were a few games we played to keep us moving and an adventure down the big snowy hill to the bike track. The Chickadees had a great time here, bum sliding around the track and trying hard to get up the ramps to keep on sliding. Jessie and I became human scaffolding and cranes to help the kids up the steepest ramps!

Near the end of class we walked to the warm cabin, dancing to the "Reindeer Dance" book and playing I Spy.

Wishing you all a fabulous winter break! Jessie and I are looking forward to seeing the Chickadees back on January 5th. We are lucky to have Celine, another Upstream Forest School teacher, joining us then to.

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