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Wednesday May 27

Both of the classes today is keen on discovering the plants that are growing in the forest. They love that they can eat some of them! Ask them if they know about alfalfa and bellflower! The morning class used their finds in the kitchen, as well as being keen explorers with the tools in the tool circle. They loved the games involving maximum movement! Some of our games now involve strategy and stealth, which they are understanding well. The afternoon class used the dandelion petals to make tea (which honey always makes better!) and it was enjoyed. Below there is a new dandelion recipe to try!

Below are some activities to try at home!

Dandelion Fritters:

Collect the dandelion heads and clean them with water. Dip them in the tempura batter and fry (we used coconut oil). Best to eat warm!


Mix these all together:

3⁄4 cup cornstarch

Add the next two, and stir!

Ants on the Move

Ants have pretty bad sight and rely on other senses. Try exploring your ant fort (or any area of your house) blind folded. What kind of things helped you navigate around ? 

Edibles and loose parts

Bring some baskets to a park and find new leaves, seeds and berries to use in your mud kitchen at home.  The children love the water that gets added to the mix, as well as any dried rice, spices, tea or other bits you can spare! On your walk, take along a field guide to find out what is edible! I suggest cleaning in water first, depending on where you find them!

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