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Tuesday June 9

The month of June is about look back over our year and thinking about how we've changed and what we've learned. A big part of that, this year, has involved a felting activity we are completing with each class. Each creation is a three-week process, and reflects their experience of Forest School. We are so impressed by the beauty and creativity of what they have created!

The morning class also played a new game, a version of 'cops and robbers' that they really took to! It took more strategy and thinking skills, and they rose to the occasion! The tool circle was also very popular - their skills are taking off!

The afternoon class made a field guide of the edibles in our forest using three different mediums; rubbings, hammering onto a cloth, a solar paper! There is one particular spot where all of the three plants (creeping bellflower, dandelion and alfalfa) can be found; we call it the grocery store! They also enjoyed adding dandelion petals (practicing their scissor skills) to the playdough to use in the kitchen.


Playdough: make your regular playdough recipe, then take it outside! Use scissor to cut up grass and other plants to add to the dough. Turning it into a kitchen adds another layer; with muffin tins, they can cook cupcakes and add sprinkles or chocolate chips (all from natural loose parts) or with a pot and water they can make a stew. The possibilities are endless!

Carving: Whether or not your child has a knife at home, they can carve this snake! With a glove on the hand holding the wood, round out the end of a very curvy stick you found. Without a knife, you can use sandpaper or a file to try and make it round. Next, take off all the bark. Lastly, paint interesting pattern on it's back!

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