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Thursday, May 28

Both the morning and afternoon classes had an amazing day just reveling in the fine weather. It was certainly a day for sitting with a fine motor activity; carving, beading and exploring the 'puffy pods' (seeds from a tree: which one? can anyone find out?). This morning, we made Dandelion Fritters (see the recipe below) and in the afternoon we aced Iced Dandelion Tea (see recipe!). We are finishing some outstandingly artistic bead trees, which we will send home to finish next week. Everyone has been so patient with themselves with this project! We also tried Quidditch again, and an economy based on 'puffy pods' was established by your very clever children!

Dandelion Fritters:

Collect the dandelion heads and clean them with water. Dip them in the tempura batter and fry (we used coconut oil). Best to eat warm!


Mix these all together:

3⁄4 cup cornstarch

Add the next two, and stir!

Iced Dandelion Tea

  • add dandelion heads to hot water and let steep

  • strain out the flowers; it's now time to chill it! This can be done individually like we did, by adding ice cubes to the cups, or over time in the fridge.

  • Add your flavours! We added frozen blueberries, dried strawberries, lime juice and mint leaves. Ahhhh, refreshing!

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