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Squirrels - April 30

With the latest shower of snow, we were ready to play in it and that started with an activity to practice mapping and directions. We used compasses to work on cardinal directions and had to follow the directions (take 20 steps to the North) to uncover a pot of treasure. Next we worked on an obstacle course! After a quick walkthrough and practice we started strong, climbing along the fence avoiding sharks, jumping from lilypad to lilypad watching out for poisonous frogs, balancing to avoid crazy pigs and finishing with crossing a slippery bridge over the river with alligators and crocodiles waiting for you to slip! The squirrels enjoyed these obstacles best, but also loved dodging under ropes, hopping on hoops, jumping to touch a stuffie in a tree and running back to the base where they were safe. The next challenge was being timed by Ms. Jessie and then trying to go faster next time. Sometimes you only had a minute to traverse the fence, or the sharks started going for you! Thankfully all the squirrels were awesome at it, and there were no casualties! We read a book and had a snack and then moved on to games. The squirrels decided they wanted to play blob tag and octopus tag, so Lev became a blob to be reckoned with. We took turns being it while playing octopus tag, before doing some painting. On coffee filters we painted, using watercolours that we added snow to as water and to make the color lighter, and used different sized brushes to get the desired look. We left them to dry with a rock underneath, and had some free play that included finding some treasures, string and beads and wrestling. See you next week squirrels!

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