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Thursday, April 16

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

We are finding a certain flow to Forest School Owls these days; hard, physical activity, a restful quiet activity, followed by free time, a Sit Spot game or activity, and a reflection on our day. Today's hard physical activity included the obstacle course! Some children enjoyed some parts of it, some children ate it up and couldn't stop! We will continue this next week with different obstacles to conquer! It is a good mix of fun games, strength, balance and agility. Our morning Owls explored metal loose parts to make robots and jewelry, and our afternoon class tried a Turk's Head Knot. By practicing noticing during our Sit Spot, we are trying to become more aware of what is happening in the space around us, as we ourselves are still. Check out the at home activities to try this together!


The family sits in a circle. One person starts a pattern (for example, tapping knees with both hands) and then changes the pattern (tapping head) and everyone must follow along. One person leaves the room and a 'Head' is chosen. The person returns, and the game begins. The Head begins a pattern that the others must follow, without letting on that they are following a specific person (try using peripheral vision). The one who left the room must figure out who is leading the pattern changes. Once they do, another person leaves the room and a new Head is chosen.

Now, a Sit Spot! Head outside with some bits of wire, loose metal parts (nuts, washers, hexes, anything!) and fiddle around with it, while noticing in your peripheral vision what is happening! Is there a bird coming closer to you? Is there a ladybug crawling nearby? Is that dog barking again? Did the neighbour come into their yard? Try to take 10 min in your quiet place. It is said that it takes 20 min for 'nature' to get used to you being there and start acting normal again. A challenge!

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