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Survivor, March 3

We enjoyed a day of getting to know each other - and wow, did they ever do this quickly! Strong connections have already formed, and the alliances are fierce! We started with learning lashing and frapping, a skill they could have used during our challenges:

-shelter building (strong and water resistant)

-team planning through the canyon (had to get team through a rope challenge)

-physical literacy (balancing on a log for the longest time!)

-first aid (bleeding, broken leg, stretcher/tarp)

Next week we will have a Food and Water theme, which doesn't' actually involved eating anything! Your child can bring a knife or tool from home if they like; there is a certain place to use the tool, in the tool circle only.

We talked at the end about our thinker/doer/soul experiences in the challenges; see if they saw themselves acting these out in the challenges!

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