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Squirrels - September 12

What a perfect fall day for the squirrels. We started again with some chalk, which is always fun and created an obstacle course. There was also an alligator, a cantaloupe antelope and a yeti surrounded with chalk food so he wouldn't eat yeti's eat squirrels? We also welcomed a new squirrel to the class, and hope he enjoys forest school.

On the way up the hill we looked for beautiful yellow leaves and special green ones for an art project. When we got to the top we made fall necklaces or name tags using a pretty leaf and some string. We used paint, markers, crayons and hole bunches with different shapes like flowers and hearts to make them special and unique. Some of the squirrels worked a long time on their fall craft and it was great to see everyones creative ideas.

Stuffed animal houses were also fun, building a nest for owls, a shelter for moose and giving frog a place to climb. One student even built a fairy house with some little sticks and bark they found.

We also did our weekly safety check and read a book about the changing seasons called A Story for Small Bear as we ate our snacks.

Last week the squirrels were very enthusiastic about a zipline but we didn't have the right supplies, so this week Ms. Jessie made us a zipline. Almost all the squirrels were eager to try and lined up time after time to go down. For most of freetime the squirrels went down and everybody liked it, even those hesitant to try at first.

The tool circle was also popular and lots of kids tried the tool circle who were new to it, along with some die-hard tool users. We used hammers and nails, and a saw along with introducing some knives to the mix. Meanwhile the kitchen was also in full operation, using every drop of water we had and mixing up all sorts of creations with a few new things to try, such as a funnel.

Near the end of class the squirrels really wanted to play the game from last week where the squirrels try to gather nuts, taking one at a time and bringing them to their drey (squirrel nest). But watch out for the hungry bobcats, today some eager students were up for the job.

We finished with a funny poem before heading down the hill to our parents. Thanks for another great day, see you next week squirrels!!!

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