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Squirrels, September 11th

We had a wonderful first day with our Monday Squirrels. The group seemed to build camaraderie instantaneously.

We used chalk to draw a wilderness obstacle course up the pathway. There were hearts, rivers, fish, forests, woodland animals and stepping stones that were drawn and then navigated through.

Once at our spot we rested with a snack and a story about looking for treasures in nature. This led to a treasure hunt of our own. We went out to explore our area and see what we could find and then played a game of Seek and Find.

We took a walk around the perimeter of our area and made note of where we can go without a teacher. We practiced our crow call to bring everyone 'home' when the call is heard. This turned into a fun running and exploration game.

After a few games of What Time Is It Mr. Wolf and Green Light Red Light we ventured into free play. There was a birthday party where Priya and Arya dressed in the finest silks. Breanne spent some solo time signing to the forest. Later she said this was her favourite part of the day. Bryn, Walton and Adrian got really into making pulleys out of stuffies and ropes.

To wrap up we came together and shared some of our feelings from the day. We made bracelets from coloured beads that represented different emotions. I believe everyone put on a blue bead that represented feeling nervous. We also had excited (pink/purple), happy (yellow), green (sad). Taking turns we each shared one emotion and one colour that we put on our bracelets.

The walk down from our spot was calm and filled with sharing little stories from the day. We look forward to next week with this wonderful group of children!

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