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Squirrels, October 3

Another beautiful fall day for the squirrels- hopefully the weather holds! We started with some hopscotch on the path as we waited for everyone to arrive, practicing our coordination and counting as we counted one through twenty eight. Then we walked up the hill and looked at things like leaves and rocks through magnifying glasses.

When we got to our spot some of the kids found a picture someone had drawn with a word on it. The squirrels suspected it was a secret message and tried to figure it out. They decided the ROwls had left it there and made up their minds to write a message later.

We wanted to start with some games so we played Squirrel Bobcat, where the squirrels are trying to collect cones while the bobcats are trying to stop them. Now that we are used to the game, almost everybody likes to be bobcats, not just squirrels. Ms. Melanie also taught us a new game called Rabbits and Foxes where there are two rabbit holes and only four rabbits can go in each hole at a time. The eight rabbits have to run back and forth to "get food" and avoid the foxes also looking for a "meal". Then for our third game we played Freeze Tag which morphed into Blob Tag. The squirrels loved blob tag, because once you get tagged you join the blob, holding hands with the other taggers and chasing others, not captured by the blog. We will definitely have to play it again.

We read a story called After the moon rises about creatures that come out at night as we ate our snacks and then got ready for the building process. Last week we had made stuffie houses, so this week we made stuffed animal playgrounds. Pairing up with a friend, we used some different materials to build letting creativity flow free. The kids made swings, ladders, slides and more, using the help of the forest. Then we let some stuffed animals test them out and had a tour of all the playgrounds.

As we moved into freetime some kids wanted to write a message to the ROwls, another group. Using crayons they worked hard to either draw pictures or write messages to pass on to the other group. Others wanted to continue working on their stuffie playgrounds adding houses, comfy fabric and sticks. It was wonderful seeing the dedication to finish their projects. Mud kitchen was yet again popular. It is still warm enough for water the best part and there are so many "ingredients" like leaves and dirt around.

After we cleaned up and walked down the hill and listened to Ms. Jessie's the true story of the three little pigs, complete with voices. Who knew the wolf wasn't a bad guy?! At the bottom of the hill we did a sit spot craft of threading yarn through holes in a cardboard leaf. We will continue to add to it next week in different colours.

Thanks for another amazing day squirrels, see you all next week!

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