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Squirrels, October 23

The Monday Squirrels were tested by the elements on Monday. It wasn't snowing yet, but the ground was icy and it was spitting ice rain. It's not easy going from

balmy fall weather to a west coast like winter rain. So we made a shelter and your Squirrels did an amazing job! We went swimming on the tarp. We played hide and seek under the tarp and then the squirrels helped to string up the tarp.

We ventured to the top of the hill to see what we could see. Who knew we would find a giraffe among imaginary bears and crocodiles. On our way up we took time to notice that everything was covered in a crystal like encasing of ice. We even found some icy rose-hips that looked like rubies.

Then we slid down, climbed up to slide down again and found multiple more sliding spots around our camp.

We warmed up with a cup of rose-hip, honey tea and a story from Mrs. Dawn. Wrapping up with an obstacle we skipped, hopped and climbed through some spider webs to end the day.

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