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Squirrels - October 17th

The squirrels had another bright and beautiful autumn day!

When we arrived at our spot we discovered the city had dumped a large pile of rocks near by. That rock pile turned out to be the third teacher today- as all the squirrels spent plenty of their day playing there with each other.

After jumping, climbing, sliding and playing in this, we also discovered some large branches from Ms. Mel's tree. The children were eager to paint and decorate the branches using different colours and letting their imaginations decide what they could be. Some popular choices were swords, flags, guns, walking sticks, and art!

During snack time we read a book called We're Going on a Bear Hunt. Everytime the verse repeated with a different obstacle to get through, so everyone got to know it and would fill it in with: We can't go over it, we can't go under it, we'll have to go through it!

After snack, Ms. Mel taught us a new game called Tick, Tick Boom! One person would sit in the middle with their eyes closed and say tick, tick, tick as the rest of the squirrels passed around a moose (stuffed!). Then when the middle person said boom, whoever had it was in the middle next!

Ms. Jessie created our bear hunt challenge! You had to get through a rope spider web and not touch the ropes. We invited our friends the ROwls to try and had a good time with them, which also mixed up the dynamics. The squirrels enjoyed playing with the older children and we will have to try and see them more!

There was lots of free play around the rock pile with a game called Grandma and Grandpa, they made up themselves, where everybody has canes and falls down often. The children try to steal each other's canes and play fight with the canes/ sticks. It is an interesting game, but everyone was involved and it was good to observe the group negotiating the dynamics and rules of the play well together.

We had also created a group artwork piece that we hung on the fence. Using leaves and markers we glued, coloured and added googly eyes. It was great to look at and know we had each created part of it.

Thank you squirrels, see you soon!

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