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Squirrels, Oct 26

We had our first real taste of winter in the snow today. We will have to practice dressing warmly and staying active as we head into the colder weather ahead.

With the drop in temperature everyone was interested to learn about reading the big thermometer the teachers brought and notice how close we were to zero as well as what happens when you hold the mercury bubble (the reading goes up!).

As usual we read a book and enjoyed a snack in our snow covered drey ( spot ). In our book, the bear realises that it's time to hibernate and passes on the message to all the forest friends. We learned about how each animal survives the winter while we read it. After the story we were ready to get moving so we played Coyote Mouse, running around and avoiding coyotes quickly warms you up! 

For halloween we carved some mini pumpkins in the tool circle. You have to take great care in carving your pumpkin to get it just right and some children were very patient. There was also yarn to decorate our pumpkins and some very nice hair was added. 

Ropes were also popular. With some help from Mika, the children had seats, swings, and even a rope and tarp hammock! During our swing making we also had tree climbers in the big old tree, they were telling each other how high they made it followed by a tricky slide down.

Some children were interested in zombie/octopus tag, so in free play they made it happen. Soon there was an exciting game going on. The morning went by like the blink of an eye and soon we were heading down the hill. 

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