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Squirrels, Oct 10

Today we started drawing with chalk all the things we ate during turkey dinner and by the end we were all stuffed again!

Once we got to our spot we played a couple of games, blob tag was requested, which allowed us to practice working together as a team and staying with in the boundaries. When we play rabbit and fox we practice being brave, running from one burrow to the next and taking turns being the fox. Todays class had some very brave Rabbits! Ask your Squirrel which games they liked more!

Then we did a big fall art activity where we used different types of fall materials to decorate big pieces of cardboard. At the glueing station the squirrels found lots of fun items to glue on including poky sticks and really big leaves. We also painted with leaves and sea sponges for some unique textures and the squirrels found you could use dirt to paint as well! Next week we are gonna add some more to them and display them along the fence.

During free time we visited the ROWLS because they had set up the zipline for us, it was different using the Zipline in a new spot, ask your squirrel how it was different from our usual one? Then we got to watch a play which has inspired the squirrels to do their stay tuned for next week!

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