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Squirrels - November 28

What a beautiful fall day for the end of November! The squirrels made the most of this nice weather, playing and exploring in it. We did some mapping today of our space by drawing out landmarks on cardboard until we had a good map, complete with a map of the map! Then we split into groups and hid cones and marked on the map where they were. The other squirrels then had to find them by reading the map. Everybody was successful in hiding and finding things, great work squirrels!

We also played What's in the bag, a game where we reach in a mystery bag and have to use touch to figure out what it was. The kids liked the challenge of finding what it was without peaking and then drawing it in a little book.

We also read a book called Ducks don't get wet and learned about ducks. Then there was a mud kitchen with coloured water and lots of kids enjoyed tool circle with potatoes to carve and little wooden hearts to sand or make necklaces with.

There were also some different dynamics in free play, and moments where different games were played and enjoyed. Thanks for another great day squirrels, enjoy the nice weather!

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