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Squirrels, Monday 5 Feb

At our meeting spot some keen eyes spotted the coloured ice blocks in the sled and they decided very quickly to make an ice castle for Cat (Priya's stuffie friend). Cat was protected inside with towers and fences and a drawbridge created around Cat. So much imagination. As we pulled the blocks out we marveled at water stuck inside the frozen ice and chose colours that we all liked.

Arriving at our spot there was so much untouched snow. Priya and Ms. Rikia found tracks that could have been a coyote and they also found rabbit tracks. We were left guessing whether the rabbit was being chased by the coyote.

Priya and Brianne were excited to play kitchen in the new snow and with our new snow molds, a gnome, a penguin, a heart. Arya wanted to throw and kick and dive in the snow so we made a big snow pile that was nearly as tall as Arya and she enjoyed sitting in it and almost tunneled through it from both sides.

We continued the finger puppets we started last week and with the addition of wings, smiles and pom pom buttons three pink fairies were created...unfortunately our glue ran out so you may have been asked to help finish them at home.

We continued to practice our fire skills, lighting fairy fires, and popped popcorn on a larger fire. The three Squirrels enjoyed a game of Copycat together. They copied each other and especially what the teachers were saying. For them, as we gathered around the fairy ice ring, they said this was the highlight of their Forest School day. A great morning together!

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