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Squirrels, Mon Dec 4th

We had a very COLOURFUL class this week starting with reading the book "Mix it Up." The Squirrels certainly know a lot about mixing primary colours and enjoyed smushing the book to make secondary colours.

Our colour exploration surprised and delighted everyone as the Squirrels made their own colour volcano with vinegar and baking soda - there were many colours of lava. Pizzas, cupcakes, ice-cream and potions were made with playdough and rice. The Squirrels were sharing all the ingredients so it was an opportunity to practice this with the whole group.

The slackline was a big hit with Justice, Brynn and Arya. They were confident walking along with the rope supports on their own but things became more tricky as one or more friends joined and the slackline moved differently to before.

Priya and Breanne used the potions they had made to become witches in their creative imaginary story.

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