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Squirrels, May 31

The squirrels learned a new game today: camouflage! With all the greenery on the bluff there were plenty of spots to hide, and the kids rocked it. As we walked up the hill we found seed pods from the trees had opened up, making it looked like it had snowed fluff in some spots.

After that we explored our drey (squirrels home) to find out what's new- it's been awhile and found out that the big log that normally lays across the group of trees was gone. Unfortunately, it was a favorite for playing and climbing around, but a bit of a wall had been made which was fun to play on. Moving forward into snack and story we tasted the delicious dandelion bread we had made last week that Celine had baked at her house (after eating our own snacks) and read as we ate: Red and Yellow's Noisy Night. It was a great story about how to work together, and fun too. We also learned a song about wind, water, fire, and earth, and even added our own verse about the forest!

Moving into free-time the girls were interested in sewing, creating purses, stuffie fashion and balls. Since we've been doing some sewing in the past, we've gotten really good at sewing by ourselves with the exception of threading needles and tying knots in the thread.

Others played a detective game, investigating suspects while using cool weapons and powers or carved potatoes in tool circle- potatoes actually are great for practicing tools. Mud kitchen with water and pots and pans was also a favorite, who doesn't love baking mud cakes, cooking soup for stuffies? 

Then we had a visitor: James, baby Sam and Wriggly (James's cute dog). The squirrels were so excited and learned from James how to change Sam, and helped soothe Sam. Wriggly was also a favorite, such a sweet dog and received many pats, sticks and even a guided tour.

After James left we cleaned up and headed down the hill, another great day!! See you next week Squirrels. 

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