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Squirrels, Mar 22

Spring is here, and the squirrels are enjoying the many changes it brings to our drey (a drey is a squirrel's nest). With the warmer weather, we were able to use our hands for work that requires dexterity, like: wood splitting, match lighting, dirt drilling. Come along with us for the ride!

To start our day, we stayed at the drop-off location and learned to split wood using a new tool: hatchets. Since we are not yet coordinated enough to swing them, a teacher held the axe-head while a student hammered on it with a piece of wood. This worked well to create kindling for our fire activity later in the day.

Our main activity was a sort of science experiment. The null-hypothesis: Clean snow, when melted, will pass through a coffee filter without leaving any debris. Surprise, it did leave some debris! We now know that the snow is no longer fresh or clean enough for us to snack on, as we usually do. After this experiment, and a snack and story, we moved on to free time.

During our play we were visited by a special guest, Celine! She is feeling well and will be returning to teach with James after Spring Break (reminder, there is no class next week).

Some students chose to work on fire building during free time. Their skills are growing as they learned that fires need different sizes of wood to be grown and sustained. We called them: Stage 1, kindling; Stage 2, medium sized pieces; Stage 3, large pieces.

Here are some photos of students in action!

That's all from us Squirrels! A big thanks to Rikia, Adrian, and especially Anne, who helped teach the class with James over the last month and a half! Happy spring break everyone. See you in April!


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