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Squirrels, Mar 15

With a blue sky and some warmer weather, the feeling of spring coming was

in the air this morning! We started off with a feast, but before we could enjoy it, we had to make it. The squirrels collected some spruce needles, popular buds and dried rosehips to make tea and had an epic snow quest. We climbed part way up the hill in a search for clean snow and we found some! It was scooped into a clean yogurt container to save for later to make snow ice cream.

A vote decided we would go to the winter drey to cook and play so we slid on down. When we got to the drey we set up the tea to boil and mixed condensed milk in with the snow to make ice cream, an instant hit. As we ate ice cream and drank tea we finally finished our story about Lars and Floe (a polarbear and a husky puppy ).

For the rest of class we had free time playing which included many different things. A hit was the snow kitchen due to a new tool, a meat grinder which was perfect for snow. After a few failed attempts on where to attach it, we found the right spot and we started making snow noodles.

There was also some imaginary play where we had a Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, dog, brother and sister living in one fort with the dad going off to work and the mom running the house. Some of the kids were also in the tool circle causing major destruction to a log, it was drilled, carved, sawed, filed and gouged. Near the end of class we polished off the rest of the condensed milk and tea inside our fort and one student even licked out the can proclaiming "I had never tried it before". We quickly cleaned and packed up and walked back, Thanks for another awesome day squirrels!


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