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Squirrels - June 11

We played animal card tag today, a game we haven't played for a while. Everyone has a card with an animal on it from their captain and they try to tag the other team. The squirrels have to decide which animal eats who when they tag someone, leading to some discussions about animals. If your animal eats the other, you get both cards. The team that has the most at the end wins, after the squirrels count out all the cards! Maeve brought some bracelets she had learnt how to make, so she could teach us. It was a bit difficult, but the squirrels got the hang of it, and with some help we produced some beautiful bracelets. While one group did bracelets making, the rest of us did some carving of gnomes, making their pointy hat at the end of the stick, and adding pipe cleaner arms and colouring them. It challenged us to work on our carving techniques, many of us learning how to make a point for the first time, along with doing some art. Ms.Jessie told the carving groups a wonderful fairytale story about Esmeralda. After we switched, giving both groups a chance to do both, we had some freeplay, mostly at a swing. The swing had been put up by the Rabbits class in the morning, and the kids enjoyed pushing themselves off the hill. Taking turns,they lined up, making sure everyone had equal turns. The squirrels also found out we have one more class left this year,and we are going to invite the parents for the last hour so we discussed what we want to show or do.  We had snack and read a book, and then played a new game that most of the squirrels knew: revenge tag. It was quickly a favorite, running around,tagging people and even some of the kids' older siblings joined in. See you next week for our last class of the year!

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