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Squirrels - January 9

It was great to see everyone again after the break!

The squirrels were eager to play in the snow, and we started off with some sledding. We experimented a little and discovered that keeping our feet from dragging helps us gain speed. There were even some human bowling balls, sliding down the hill to knock down cones.

We also practiced lighting matches, and not dropping them when the flame sparks. The kids got really good at lighting them and safely putting them out, and we even set records of how long we could hold a burning match without it going out. Ms. Jessie also made us a big fire and we boiled hot water for tea and had fun dumping snow on the fire to put it out. 

The older kids from the ROwls class came to play with us. We played blob tag and yeti ball together and we loved having them around. Thanks ROwls! 

We enjoyed a snack and candy cane tea and read a story and then finished our day in the bike track. We had fun running around, playing games of follow-the- leader and hide and seek with the stuffies.

Thanks for another fun day, see you next week squirrels!

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