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Squirrels, Jan 29th

Priya and Arya had a very special class on Monday. We started our class with a penguin waddle up to our spot and took notice of all the different size dog prints frozen into the icy pathway. There were big prints, little prints, prints with what looked like big claws and even some really big shoe prints.

At the top Priya and Arya chose to sit on a newly fallen limb to have snack and read two stories about winter prints. We laid out stuffies for all of our missing friends. After story time we gathered to learn how to felt wool. We tore, squished and massaged the wool around our fingers to make a finger puppet shape. We will finish them next week.

While warming up with a quick game of Simon Says, Arya and Priya found the remains of a snow man. We collected pinecones, stones, bark, leaves and twigs to build and decorate a fairy castle. It was very intricate with bridges, a swimming pool, a moat, eating area, reading room and ballroom. As their imaginations bloomed we stepped away to let them explore a new friendship. They were lovely together and complemented each others ideas nicely.

This play led into free time and we brought out the kitchen for them to further decorate the fairy castle. While they played we set up fairy fires, which they eventually noticed and became intrigued by. With a one to one teacher-child ratio it was lovely to witness the excitement of each squirrel as they lit their first match and eventually when they were able to transfer the flame of a lit match to a cotton ball and build their mini (or fairy) fire around the flame. After as a group we made a communal fire. Priya was excited to build a square fire while Arya helped prepare cinnamon apple slices and a chocolate chip banana. The fruit was roasted and we had a natural sit spot as we enjoyed the warm apples and chocolatey bananas while watching the fire go out.

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