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Squirrels, Jan 11

It was wonderful to see everyone again after winter break. We started off by exploring our drey to see what has changed. That led right into a challenge where we had to find signs of animals in our drey. We found rabbit poop, dog poop, dog tracks, chewed bark, and even a playing card during our search.

The next challenge was to find an ingredient for tea! Everyone collected spruce needles and popular buds and added them into hot water to steep. Next we played a game that was inspired by how squirrels hide little pebbles in the ground as decoy nuts to trick other squirrels that may be watching. The teachers hid nineteen foam circles around our drey, ten of them with numbers and nine with x's (decoys). Then the kids tried to find all of the real ones by remembering where they saw us hide them, but you never know which ones were decoys! Next the kids got to hide them and it was the teachers turn to hunt for them.

In free time some of the kids worked in the tool circle. We introduced the hand drill as a new tool and it was a hit! We had kids hammering, drilling, sawing and even making furniture! Other kids went to the bike track on an expedition. There, some students taught the others a new game called Winter's Coming, and we hope to teach it to the rest of the class. Later everyone worked in the tool circle and then we walked down the hill and had a teabrief ( tea and a debrief ). Our tea was delicious and we sat around a bench and shared winter break stories.

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