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Squirrels Feb 8

The ice today was an invitation to lots of slip-sliding adventures!

Before we departed we visited the chokecherry bushes beside our pickup spot and realized all the berries were gone. The birds had eaten them all! We found lots of little chokecherry pits on the ground and still hanging on the trees, and the ground was also covered in bird poop and even some rabbit poop. The children were excited to identify all the animal sign and decided to name the spot the "bird restaurant".

"It's not the bird kitchen because they didn't have to cook the food" - Clay.

During free time the zipline was a welcome addition to our play. The children worked with Mika to retrieve the ladder that helps them climb up to get on the zipline seat.

At snack time we talked about what we can notice when we're really still (in preparation for our sit spot activity), and Celine told the story of the time a nuthatch landed on her toque because she was standing still.

During sit spot (a time where we choose a special spot to sit alone and tune into ourselves and the world around us) we prepared by talking about what we can notice with our sense and then came back together and shared about what saw (squirrels! snow), heard (birds!), smelled (rotting leaves), and felt (the cold snow).

It was a beautiful day on the bluff and we look forward to our next class together.

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