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Squirrels - Feb 20

Today we got wet and muddy- and loved every bit of it! With the warm weather everything is melting, making the perfect opportunity for play. Digging in the rock pile, we discovered we could paint with mud! The squirrels scooped a container of whatever consistently of mud they liked best and experimented with what made the best paint. We had some long sheets of paper to paint on, but the cement barriers were the best canvas along with toothbrushes and paintbrushes as brushes. At the end of the day, the cement barriers are a work of art covered with names, shapes, trees and anything the kids dreamed up. We also played What time is it, Mr Wolf? and Rock, Paper, Scissors tag. The squirrels did a great job taking turns being the wolf and patiently waiting for their turn. In rock, paper, scissors tag everyone found it funny that both teams kept agreeing on the same action without knowing the other team had too! After enjoying a snack and story we continued working on our wood cookie nail art for the art gallery. We are working on nailing nails into the wood cookies to make designs or pictures and the squirrels are working hard to get it just how they want it.  Some of the kids finished nailing  and were ready to start wrapping yarn around the nails. We used many different colors and strategies to get it just right, and we will continue to work on it in the coming weeks. One of the highlights of today was doing a rope climb up a steep and muddy hill. Persistence and teamwork was key to making it up the hill without slipping down. Using a rope to climb up helped, and soon we discovered slipping down was just as fun as going up! Mudslides are always fun and require the challenge of coming back up. Have a great week, see you soon Squirrels! 

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