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Squirrels, Feb 1

Hey! It's the Squirrels! For the third week in a row, everyone made it to class! We are really enjoying bonding with each other through activities like sledding, building, snacking, exploring, reading, playing, throwing parties for stuffies, and much more!

The began as it always does, with some tobogganing down Zombie Hill. The fresh snow made is gentle and inviting through hard to climb. We installed some tow ropes and had just as much fun on the way up as we did on the way down.

Some of us decided to take a break from the hill for some snow building.

Though it was a little chilly, there were many ways we could stay warm. For example, an impromptu long jump competition! Enjoy these action packed photos.

We are continuing to explore fire making, maps, animal evidence, survival skills, tool use, team work, social skills, and more. Thanks for checking in on us!

-The Squirrels

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