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Squirrels, Dec 7

We had a fantastic, warm day. The snow transformed from light fluff to sticky chunks as the sun crested over the trees into our hidden winter drey. One of our first adventures was piling snow in an effort to construct a fort (pictured below). After getting sufficiently warm, we elected to have our snack and story while the snow baked in the sun, hoping it would melt and gain strength for later building efforts.

We snacked a strategic sunny spot where our bare hands would not get cold.

Our story involved rhyming words along with the numbers one through ten. These squirrels can really rap - from nonsense words to clever connections. you should ask your child what rhymes they thought of.

Our final activity before heading to free play was another lesson in fire making. With added independence, the Squirrels got into groups of two and were given fire starting materials. You can see one group's design below.

With one match at a time, each group managed to get their own fire going! Eventually, our hungry fires needed fuel to feed them, and we had to search the environment and test what fire needs. Snow? Leaves? Sticks? Ask your child what worked and what did not.

We combined all of our fires together and melted some snow. At this point the teacher's phone died so there is no further evidence. Rest assured, the snow fort did in fact gain strength and was sawed into bricks, while the fire went out and was restarted by some persistent squirrels. It was a great day of exploring and basking in the sun.

See you next time!

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