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Squirrels, Dec 10

Before we move into compass work, we wanted to solidify their understanding of arrows and directions. On the way to our site, the children followed arrows and pace counts to forks that were hidden in the forest! They then hid items for the group, then their partners, using arrows and pacing indicators. With this knowledge, they can expand to compasses! The fresh snow allowed us to make molds, play with ice and of course, sled! You can see in the pictures an 'invitation' set up; clipboards with maps, markers and compasses. There are no set directions about what to do here, but the table is set. Watch as Maisie is drawn in and she begins to interact with the materials in her own way.

You can also see a game where the class has to work together to get everyone across the river, and brainstorm new possibilities when it was difficult. Great teamwork and problem solving!

Next week is our last class, and we return on Jan 7th.

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