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Squirrels, April 29

We welcomed Luca and Nikolei to class for the first time today and they fit in right away. The Squirrels were curious about them at first but were quickly showing them our spot and what we get up to. Thanks Squirrels for making them feel welcome :)

As we got to our spot we felt a little rain drizzle so the tarps came out and two shelters put up, one made from the colourful parachute we were playing with. The Squirrels were thrilled and started working hard setting up home inside. Luka decided we needed a fire and started building a "triangle fire" which are sometimes difficult to balance so Ms Rikia showed how to make a log cabin shape and everyone practiced both ways. The Squirrels understood why we weren't going to light the fires, because the bluff is already very dry, and became interested in the plants around us mainly alfalfa, creeping bellflower and dandelions. These plants are edible and after some support with identification the Squirrels recognised which plants they could make soup and stew with on their recently made fires.

Prya and Breanne walked a short distance away from our spot and were delighted to find a patch of dandelion flowers. They shared the message with the others about picking only some and leaving the rest for the bees and so the flower can make seeds.

We are moving our trip to Prince's Island Park until later in May so we can all get to know Nikolei and Luca better. We'll let you know at least 2 weeks before we go.

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