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Squirrels - April 23

The cone game from last week was brought back, so we played for a few minutes, with even a few new cones. But it was clear free time was in order, and the squirrels were eager to play. The rock pit was a favorite for digging, and today we put the hammock up. The kids were great taking turns sharing the hammock and pushing each other. Since it is warm out now tool circle was also a favorite, we worked on hammering into a log, sawing branches and some of the squirrels levelled up and learnt to use bigger knives for carving. We read a story about a squirrel and talked about springtime on the bluff and Ms. Mel gave us some little books. In the books we drew pictures or wrote the names of signs of spring we noticed on the bluff like green grass and a robin. We went adventuring on a walk and stopped at a few different spots where we added more things to our books. The squirrels did a good job writing their names and words and tracing and drawing things they noticed. We even got to taste some fresh creeping bell and alfalfa, two edible plants on the bluff that are shooting up. After a bluff sandpit stop for a sand kitchen, and a brick excavation in the dirt, we went to the bike track to play for the last part of our class. At the bike track we ripped around like bikes over the jumps and around the track, climbed and took turns playing in the treehouse. What a great sunny day.

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