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Squirrels, April 15

The Squirrels used nearly all their senses (not taste!) to investigate the "Mystery Museum" of animal and plant biofacts that Forest School has collected over the years. We looked at a beaver skull, coyote tail, rabbit foot, pheasant plumage, a wasp nest and before knowing what the animal was we tried to figure it out using pictures of the animal and it's tracks. The Squirrels observational skills were top notch.

In choice time, Kellen, Soren and Jono played a vivid imaginary game and then were drawn over to the giggles and shouts of Arya, Breanne and Priya who were delighted to be painting themselves. Apologies if you were going somewhere special after class. It was interesting to see how some of the Squirrels wanted to be painted and others not at all.

We carved potatoes in sit-spot with small wood-carving tools. The Squirrels were content to do this in their own spaces and created many different creatures and machines with their potatoes and the tools which we shared together after sit-spot. We are planning on continuing to carve as it is a great way to be creative and have some quiet time in nature at the end of class.

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