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Squabbits, April 7

These classes continued with building and adding on to their forts as well as zip-lines. One of the morning groups built a new fort with a ladder attached to it, although I think the intended use was a jail for teachers! Then in the afternoon this fort was the start of a fairly successful human Zip-line! The other groups were busy adding swings to their forts while some sweated away in a game of mini hockey. The afternoon Squabbits continued with zip-line challenges, making it the fastest or slowest.

We are combining all the senses and stealth activities we have been playing over the last couple months into a game called ghost, ask your Squabbit if they "sensed" anyone behind them.

Continued activities at home...

Zip-line ideas:

1. Using what you can find at home, what can you design that can carry a ping-pong ball/mini-figure/pea down a zip line?

2. Slow it down; build a carrier that takes ten seconds to travel the length of the zip-line. Or go as slow as possible without actually stopping

3. Find a way to launch the ball when the carrier gets to the end of the zip-line

4. Make it a chain reaction; can the carrier make something else happen when it encounters another element?

Ghost Game

Have a couple family members blindfolded standing in a room and one person as the "ghost". The ghost tries to quietly walk and stand behind someone. If the ghost can stand behind someone undetected for 10 seconds then they win, tap the person on the shoulder and switch positions. If the person thinks there is a ghost behind them they ask "is there a ghost standing behind me" and turn to look if they are wrong they sit out that round and if they are right they win and switch with the ghost.

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