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Rowls, Tuesday December 12, 2023

It was a chilly morning and the Rowls kept warm with a new game, split in two teams each player had a turn to face off by answering a trivia question and as a team they each had to try to complete challenges like make the tallest sculpture using their bodies!

It was challenging in the snow but was a lot of fun!

We spent the rest of the morning sharpening our double ball skills in preparation for the big game in the new year against the Owls, the kids were in charge of coming up with their own drills.

Then the kids were busy making the goods for the Christmas Market, some were working on clay ornaments using things we found around the forest and others were in the tool circle making weapons and other crafts for sale.

Before heading back to the cabin for lunch we played a couple quick games of double ball to stay warm.

At the cabin we transformed the pine cones we collected from the forest and added glitter, we may use them as a form of currency at the market or a prize for completing the forest passports during the Christmas Market.

The afternoon was spent playing Double ball in the field and seeing each players strengths, Greyson

showed that he is amazing at catching the double ball and immediately scores as he is so fast no one can catch up to him. Emery has her signature spinning move, that makes it hard for others to steal the double ball from her. All the players are improving and are very excited to play the other class in the New Year.

The kids also worked on their team cheer and formations, can't wait to see it all come together!

We finished off the day with some kids painting the team flag and using snow to water down the paints and the other kids continued to scrape and prep the deer Hyde which we will use to make authentic double balls for our game! Another great day with the Rowls.

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