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ROWLS, Oct. 3rd

The morning started with some fun games, the ROWLs were quick to get the momentum going! After some friendly competition we moved on to team work as we practiced our knot tying while setting up tarps. By using the bowline and truckers hitch the ROWLS set up two tarps (with very different looks). During free time there was lots of weaving and escaping from jail!

For the afternoon we worked on the Blackfoot game 'Make the Stick Jump'. We carved sticks, we wrapped them with wool and we placed them in the ground at different difficulty levels to then hit with a bean bag, a sock and a stick. It proved a lot harder than everyone expected, but the ROWLS kept at it until they found their own best ways of collecting points.

After a tallying of points and a quick wrestle we settled to talk about the Winter Market. There was discussion about re-making Everett's Weapon Shop, pom-poms and a whole table dedicated to gifts for Ash (Mrs. Jessie's son). Maddie suggested that we use the money to donate to the Children's Hospital and we debated if we could set up a donation jar and still collect money for some kind of excursion. The rest of the afternoon was spent working on items to sell at the Winter Market. Mrs. Anne also made an example of a stick and hoop game that some were interested in learning to do for next week.

We ended the day with a meditative sit-spot that proved to be difficult when not working on something as well and a Rose and Thorn debrief. It was almost unanimous that the Rose from the day was baby Ash joining the ROWLS for the morning and the Thorn was that he and Mrs. Jessie had to leave.

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