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Red Squirrels, Nov 1

Monday morning was our first little taste of winter! Good job for dressing everyone with lots of layers and mittens. We kept warm with a few games, our favorite, camouflage baseball and pokemon tag. We learned a new game, cops and robbers, which required teamwork and strategy to win. This class gives lots of energy and are good sports whether they win or lose which makes playing so much fun! They also had to work together to "cross the ocean" to safety, relying on memory and symbols. They voted for level 2 which eliminated the use of symbols. Which game was your child's favorite? Was there a game they felt really good at?

We finally got to soap carve and will be exploring the best way to create our shapes and designs, todays class was mostly about exploring what the soap can all do! Did you child make a shape or mostly explore? did they dig a whole through or carve lines?

The rest of the class was spent exploring and climbing and showing the newest addition to our class some of our favorite areas and games!

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