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Red Squirrels, May 30

The Red Squirrels accepted me, welcomed me and were wonderful at showing me the ropes! Our first activity involved ropes, actually - a three way tug of war that we all attempted! At first, we were a little shy to try, but we eventually loved pulling our friends around!

We are creating an end-of-year project that will show our learning, and showcase our friends! We prepared our journal pages today, and will assemble them and start writing next week!

The rockets continue...we learned that science is really about trial and error, the error part being front and centre today! One person wanted to try holding the bottle and shooting the cork out instead, but got a splash in the face as a reward...they were OK, but we decided that that particular angle wasn't a good idea. Some of us put parachutes on our rockets, and others shot them over the hill so Lincoln could rescue them.

Ending off our day was the Emerson/Ivy show, which the rest of us enjoyed while carving. This group demonstrates how close and comfortable they are with other, and I'm pleased to be a part of it!

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