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Red Squirrels, Feb 7

With the beautiful weather the red squirrels spent time in the tool circle, lots of carving and painting of creations. Ask your squirrel if they made a gnome or another type of carving. It is always nice to have a slower paced class where we don't have to move the whole time to stay warm. We still had some ice at the beginning of class and the Squirrels enjoyed sliding down on the boards, we had to problem solve how not to hit the tree and fence while still making it fun. They came up with a cushion on the tree and practiced bailing off the sled.

There was the creation of some slack lines and ziplines, working on our knots and how the pulleys work best. Finally we played animal eye spy and tired to spot the well hidden animals in our forest.

Ask your Squirrel if they saw all the animals?

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