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Red Squirrels, Feb 14

This morning the Red Squirrels were faced with the challenge of rescuing the trapped stuffed animals from the Chasm of death. With a rope set up they designed their own buckets to carry the animals across. Ivy was the first to make it across by using a rope to pull it and choosing a deep bucket combined with a light animal. Ted made a seat belt like bucket and was able to wiggle his animal across using the rope. Lincolns animal unfortunately got stuck in the middle of the chasm and then eventually was eaten! Level two was avoiding the sharks, Ivy created a new bucket that was completely shark proof, while Ted animal unfortunately got eaten! Later the Red Squirrels did more animal rescue and created a hospital where they all worked together to make and give out the antidote (with extreme time frames) before the animals died. Ask your Squirrel which antidote they made and if any of the animals died.

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