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Red Squirrels, Dec 6

My apologizes for the late blog! Monday morning was a chilly one but everyone was dressed to stay warm. We explored a new location today, which is perfect for staying warm as there are lots of hills to climb. We spent the morning at the bike track! The Squirrels enjoyed "rescuing" each other with ropes and pulling each other up the hill, this was a theme for most of the class. Lots of team work and encouragement to pull each other up. They also experimented with a fixed rope vs a moving ropes. We played a game of mini stick hockey, some of the Squirrels new how to play hockey and were able to teach the others the rules and a few skills. Today was mostly focused on staying warm by either exploring or playing games !

Connection questions:

Did you rescue your friends? or like being rescued more?

In cops and robbers were you the bad guy? did you get tied up? Where was your secret base?

Did you find mini hockey tricky? did you score any goals?

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