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Red Squirrels, 29 Jan

Themes Explored:

  • Construction, structures and teamwork. We found a huge branch that was too exciting to leave and so took it up to our spot and used saws and nails to incorporate it in our fort building. It was a great team effort in everyone's was invested.

  • Footprints and movement theme. We played an activity identifying footprints and then moving like that animal. Talia wanted to lead the last part of the activity and so took us through the last pages of our book and lead each child in identifying how human's can change their footprints.

Skills embraced:

  • Tool skills. We used saws, hammers, nails and sand paper to hone and shape our favourite sticks and our big branch.

  • Imaginative play. Some rich imaginative play was evident today with multiple levels of hierarchy and rules and roles created by and for everyone. There were bad guys and guards and builders and queens...the teachers were often designated as bad guys to be captured which usually meant everyone climbing on top of us...

  • Leadership and initiating structured games. Theo and Talia lead us in a game, an adaptation on a zombie game, which involved a song Theo made up (adapted from concepts in our tea party story), which was then sung while walking around a zombie, before they awoke to catch kids with their eyes closed. They setup boundaries and rules and adapted the game when they saw ways to make it more inclusive. It was an impressive example of children establishing structured games without any adult input.

Connection Questions:

  • Which stuffy did you choose, did you take it for a ride on the zipline?

  • What did you do in the game in the trees and the fort, were you a guard, a firefighter, did you help build?

  • Did you use the hammer and nails or saw in tool circle?

  • Was it challenging carrying the big branch up the hill? Did you have a clever strategy to keep your arm from getting tired?

  • Who had tea and pie with Kikko, in our story? Did you like the peppermint tea at our little tea party? What did Theo do to make the story extra funny?

  • What was your favourite animal to imitate? Was it the mountain goat that climbed high up the hill, or the chimpanzee knuckle walking or pretending to be a dinosaur?

  • Did you find any trees that were great for climbing today at forest school?

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