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Red Foxes, May 14

We have discovered a new love in the Red Foxes - edible plants! There are many in the Bluff, but our RF have fallen in love with two of them, the Creeping Bell Flower and the Alfalfa. With some dandelion petals thrown in, they have a salad to die for! Soon, a restaurant was made with Joe, Ted, Del, Everett, and Greyson hosting the rest of us for lunch. With all of this energy around 'eating the bluff', we are introducing some other plants to eat on the bluff on Tuesday, and will expand our cooking repertoire!

The other thing we know our foxes love is competition, especially with the Owls. Maryam, Emery and Del were trying to beat a certain time that the owls achieved on an obstacle course. We set up the same course, and yet, it was beaten! Congratulations team!

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