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Red Foxes (formerly known as ROwls), Feb 20

With a few weeks to think about it, we've landed on a new name; the Red Foxes. We are leaning in to this new name by exploring not what the fox says, but how they think and who they are. Curious for sure, just like us!

We are continuing our map exploration, and are noticing that we are very capable map readers! We are going to extend our learning by upping our game; orienteering!

The forts that our Foxes are building are capturing the imagination. It was decided through a very passionate discussion (which included some thoughts on democracy, forms of government, forms of economics, and peace agreements) that both forts would like peace, and to exists as neighbourhoods, not enemies.

Our felting work continues in anticipation of the Franz Dopf Gallery showing in March. Creating a unified vision helps bring us together, as does the skill building we're participating in. Stay tuned for more dates and updates!

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