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Rabbits, September 26

Some of the highlights from our beautiful fall morning include, joining the Rowls class for a huge game of camouflage at the bottom of the hill and making leaf art! We also worked with the Rowls to set up a zipline, and took turns enjoying a ride.

Once again there was lots of imaginative sword play and group play during our free time. It seems this group of kids would be happy to play all day! They enjoy each others company and have shown maturity good problem solving skills when any conflict arrises.

We read a book called Leaf Man and created some leaf art of our own!

We made grass bundles, and bouquets with the long grass.

The Hammock is always a fun challenge; set it up and enjoy!

More grass bundles, nests and beginning weaving.

A game of "Moose" to get us moving first thing this morning.

We keep working on our swords, carving them more purposefully, adorning them and today we used pastels to colour on designs.

See you next week, Rabbits!

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