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Rabbits, Sept. 27th

There was something special in the air during this class. Perhaps it was the yellow leaves, the warm fall weather or a combination of coming together and celebrating our connection with the bluff. During this week of Truth and Reconciliation, our awareness was on the land and relationship with it. We started the day with Rikia narrating a story that was gifted to her from a knowledge keeper of the Ktunaxa nation of British Columbia. Ask your children about the tale of Mother Owl. They had some some wonderful insights and questions from the story. We wrapped up the story by making music and dancing in a circle around our tire drum; freeing our bodies to move slow, fast, big and small.

We were also visited by the Coyotes class who planned a mini forest school class for us. They led us through some fun name games and brought us to their space by telling a collaborative, walking story. Once there we had some fun competing with and against the Coyotes in some fun races. We look forward to more time with the Coyotes and their leadership!

Returning to our space we had a little free time where ropes and tools were a big hit. One group of children spent their time making weapons and trying out some new tools and different types of wood. Another group nestled into their fort where they set up impressive rope swings all the while developing gross and fine motor skills. Yet another group of children set up a ropes course on the hill and launched into a rescue mission to save Emmy's flamingo.

After free play we settled down to make Owl masks to bring into a den that we made to tell the story of an Owl's night in the dark. Alas, the class ended all too soon for most and we headed down the hill with an ease in our steps. It is lovely to see the dynamics of this group of children build as they get to know one another.

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