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Rabbits/Owls, Sept 5

The "Rowls" had a busy first day, playing lots of games as we got to know each other, tying up Ms. Lea, and spending time with the morning Rabbits class. A couple of Rowls teamed up to build the Rabbits a swing, others worked together to build a catapult, and another group patrolled the path and checked the passports of everyone who crossed. There's great potential for mentoring and learning across age ranges both in our class and in the friendship we're building with the Rabbits. We're looking forward to spending more time together next week.

Ask your Rowl:

  • What happened when the baloon popped during the game of Tweener?

  • Do you remember the name of someone you met for the first time in this class?

  • How did you do on the carving challenge?

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